Friday, September 29, 2000

Malt§egj Project


Well, we already have e for and cleg for that.
and e
but reb*
or releb
that cleg
who/whom mleð/að
which/that mlaac/að
where mlaga
how mlycþid
how much mlaih

In the case of certain subordinate conjunctions which also function as question words/demonstrative/interrogative adjectives when they are modified by a preposition, the preposition, as always, becomes its suffix. These interrogative pronouns can actually be seen as contractions here, and it may make more sense to extend them to their full meaning to better understand the grammar, using the word “which.” (who = which person, what = which thing, where = in which place, why = for which reason, how = in which manner, how much = which amount, and so on) I will not make a distinction between the interrogative forms and the demostrative forms, simply for lack of imagination.

* By the way, for the sake of giving full credit where it is due, i should include the following conversation that went on as i was typing this section.

mioethdrauci: okay, i need a good word for "but" any suggestions?
domotran: in what lang?
mioethdrauci: malt§egj
domotran: hmmm......reb?
mioethdrauci: hmmm, that's not bad. i like that...thanks :O)

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