Monday, September 18, 2000

Malt§egj Project

Okay, i’ve had the weekend to pore over this, and i’ve got a couple of changes i would like to make. Firstly, to some of the prepositions.

to, at (-at) is now –a
in (-um) is now –e
for (-ic) is now –i
from (-o) is still –o
of (-ul) is now –u

I have created a bunch of runes, but i have yet to assign values to any of them. This is where i let the virgo side out for a while and systematically and mathematically went through all possible variants thereof, deleted the ones i didn’t like, and ended up with approximately 112 runes, many of which still need to be weeded out. My project for today will not be quite as intellectual, but will mostly consist of drawing up the runes and creating a font out of them, which i will then be able to incorporate into this document.

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