Saturday, January 1, 2000

Welcome to the Maltcέgj Project

Maltcέgj is a language project i worked on some eight or ten years ago, really before i'd ever heard of a blog or anything similar, although since i did write it in the form of a blog, i thought it appropriate to import it as such.  Perhaps one day i'll carry on with the project, once i finish up with my other more pressing ones.

In short summary, Maltcέgj was designed to be an a priori, largely uninflected language with a sound similar to, or at least largely inspired by, Welsh, though completely unrelated to IndoEuropean.  As I gradually worked on more language projects, Maltcέgj was rolled into the "Baraqesh" language family, which included other language projects of mine like Dlatci, Lzhaxu, and Barak (and for the record, i invented Barak years before i'd ever heard of Mr. Obama:  Do not mistake it for an over-inflected tribute).

If you really want the full story of Maltcέgj, I'd suggest you start at the beginning, at the oldest post, and work forward.