Friday, November 19, 2021

The Valthungian Alphabet (videos & playlist)

 Over the past few months, as I’ve had time, I’ve created three videos about the Valthungian Alphabet and pronunciation. The first one is short and sweet: Names of the letters and what they mean. Not even three minutes out of your day! The second and third are quite a bit more involved: The second goes into detail about each letter and its pronunciation, Romanisation, and various quirks. The third does the same for the seven “non-alphabetic long vowels,” and then goes on a deep dive into orthography and phonology.

You can watch all three in order with this playlist:

Or you can watch them individually below:

Part 1: The Alphabet, Short and Sweet

Part 2: The Alphabet: Deep Dive into Individual Letters

Part 3: The Non-Alphabetic Letters and Deep Dive into Phonology and Orthography