Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Malt§egj Project

Well, after a slight break there, i’ve only created one new useful word lately, which is glaad, meaning language.

Okay, so where do i pick up?

I’ve been thinking i need to start revising some things, but i don’t remember what and i can’t recall what i wanted to revise it to. Something tells me i need to revise those prepositional suffixes a bit, although i already tried to do so. Okay, here’s another go at it.

-ato, towards, at
-að(accusative preposition) to, at
-alm without
-alh on, on the side of
-ap on, on top of
-av after
-eci until
-eð around, about
-eloi about, of
-em over, above
-iðbefore, in front of
-ilinext to, beside
-it behind
-iþ under, beneath
-o from
-oc with
-om before
-u of
-ul the
-uli this
-ulo that
-ut out, out of

Okay, nevermind again. Looking at them again they all seem pretty reasonable, although –eloi might be a little long. I like the sound of it though.

Parac is too long. It is henceforth “pac.” Although “pac ec” doesn’t sound so pleasant. Okay, nevermind. It shall remain parac and parec.

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