Friday, September 29, 2000

Malt§egj Project

Well, finally i get a chance to work on this a bit more. The lack of actively working on the language, however, has given me a lot of time to theorize about it and think about it. There are definitely some things i would like to change about it already. The first of which goes right back to the very beginning with the prepositional suffixes. I want to revamp them completely, because they’re a bit clumsey and i just plain don’t like the way they sound.

New word: yacni means black. (Ah, finally i get a chance to use that second value of y!)

New suffix: -ila is a diminutive.

As far as word order is concerned, it’s really not that important since we have all our nifty little suffixes, but i see no reason to make nouns precede adjectives. I may make a firmer rule about this later, but for now, stylistically, let us say that adjectives should precede nouns.

I've updated the runes a little bit, but i have yet to update the font.

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