Thursday, September 14, 2000

New Language Project,

Okay, the lexicon so far is completed:

-alhon, on the side of
-apon, on top of
-atto, toward, at
-eðaround, about
-eloiabout, of
-emover, above
-iðbefore, in front of
-ilinext to, beside
-iþunder, beneath
-utout, out of

I suppose since i have a definite article, i should consider having an indefinite article that follows the same ules. How about –am?

"The house is without a book on the table"
"Margul ec klagalmam teflðapul"

Where on earth do i dream up these sentences? Okay, time to expand our vocabulary a bit.

I'm using the letter c in place of k, because as everyone who has read about any of my languages knows, i have some strange aversion to the letter, except in dlaci, where i use the letter c occasionally in place of t§, and k must therefore fend for itself.

I take that back. I used k in the word klag, but clag just doesn't look right. I will resolve that one later on, then, i suppose.

This seems to be turning into an explorarory journal of sorts, which is cool i suppose. Maybe i can sell it and make a huge fortune and retire to that little house in upstate New York and live happily ever after on the proceeds. Yeah right. Okay, okay, vocabulary.

How about verbs? I didn't really want to think about them yet, but i need some. Let's conjugate "ec."

I suppose that would be silly without pronouns. I think i don't want to conjugate too much in this language. I overdid it in dlaci with a couple hundred conjugations of each verb, but no pronouns, so here i think i'll overdo it on the pronouns instead and not conjugate anything very much. Maybe a simple differentiation between singular and plural.

pulhe/she (no differentiation)
melemyou (no differentiation between singular and plural)
melmineyou (very formal)

I am trying to keep this language very simple and beautiful and basic. I think it may be a subconscious effort to conquer the obsessive-compulsive virgo in me and see if i can deal with the fact that there is only one form of "they" and that all the words i've chosen so far have been completely at random with no relation to anything whatsoever, except for the word melmine, which i tried to relate to melem. The chaos is smothering me! But i like it!

Okay, the conjugation of the verb "to be."

to beec
I amjaag ec
you aremelem ec
you aremelmine ec
he ispul ec
she ispul ec
it isparac ec (or parec in vernacular)
we arejalc ece
yall aremelem ece
you all aremelmine ece
they areparþ ece

I'm tempted to delve into the past tense now, but i'll control myself for the moment.

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