Friday, September 15, 2000

New Language Project,

I've decided that klag is just going to have to be clag, and i'm getting rid of k altogether. I toyed with the idea of keeping k as an initial consonant and c a final or middle consonant, but it's too early in the game to be thinking about æsthetic and silly stylistic approaches to orthography, especially since they're all going to end up runes anyway.

Two new suffixes:


When used as a subject, they stand alone.

"Is this the book you were telling me about?"
"Uli ec §ylþ clagul calceloi melem dyd ðac jaagað?"

"Yes, it's my favourite. I stole it from that library."
"Gam, parec jaagul bocuram. Jaag dyd fram paracað clagaranutulo.

A couple new things here. Gam is now yes, and i think it has a very affirmative air about it, despite the fact that it means vulture in swedish. Numbers, i have decided, are also going to be suffixive in nature. Here i say "bocuram" for favourite, while it should actually be "favourite one." the suffix -aran will signify a place for something, much like -ary in english.

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