Thursday, January 10, 2002

I’m again starting to feel the need for some sort of alphabet for malt§έgj. Don’t worry though, i’ll try to keep it to myself for as long as possible.

I think the word mεs should be considered an article of some sort. A reflexive demonstrative adjective, if you will. Something like the difference between hennes and sin in swedish or hæra and sǽna in τsœxısca. Only it can apply to any pronoun, no matter the person, because it is only used in conjunction with the pronoun it modifies if that pronoun is the subject. Hence,

I saw my sister = Dγd culóm jơg mεs adína að. But,

He saw my sister = Dγd culóm pul jơg u adína að.

Okay, i’m feeling better about that one now. So what’s next? I am still a bit concerned about clauses regarding this latest nutso sentence structure craze. But that’s probably something i’m going to have to worry about later when [REDACTED].

I need some simple words to break down some complex ideas. At first i was all about compound words like “úla ðlai o§” to mean “when” and such, but it’s getting really annoying. Some new words that i need:

who- - the other person the same person everyone anyone someone noöne
whatthisthatthe other thingthe same thingeverythinganythingsomethingnothing
whennowthenthe other timethe same timealwaysanytimesometimenever
whereherethereyonderthe same placeeverywhereanywheresomewherenowhere
how-----anywaysomehowno way
how muchthis muchthat much-the same amount-anysomenone

Of course i modified the traditional esperantoèsqueness of this table, which i actually worked out quite nicely in dlatci, but i don’t think that malt§έgj, being a more random and a priori language, really requires too many words. By the way, can i mention just in passing that I actually came up with this table for dlatci and had it all worked out long before i ever heard of the esperanto correlatives, and it really pissed me off when i found out about them. Fortunately not too much, however, since mine are better! Therefore:

mlau lað, mlað- - úlot lað, uláð
the same person everyone anyone someone blεg lað, blað
mlau ðrax, mlaxúli (ðrax)úla (ðrax)úlot (ðrax)the same thingeverythinganythingsomethingblεg ðrax, blax
mlau ðlai, mlaiúli ðlai, nacúla ðlai, naurúlot ðlaithe same timealwaysanytimesometimenever
mlau arán, mlaránúli aránúla aránúlot aránthe same placeeverywhereanywheresomewhereblarán
mlau cþiðúli cþiðúla cþið---anywaysomehowblεg cþið
mlau máraúli máraúla mára-the same amount-anysomeblára

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