Monday, January 7, 2002

A few rules to review, which i’m not sure if i’ve made rules before, or if i’m just breaking them now:

The plural particle ac shall now and evermore directly precede the noun it modifies.

The following rigid sentence structure shall hereby be adhered to:

– conjucntion – particle [§lþ – lơ – dyd – nag – cwarþ – blai – rac] – verb – adverb – (ac) subject (adjective) – (ac) temporal or spatial clause (adjective) (preposition) – secondary verb – (ac) direct object (adjective) (preposition) –

I think there are a few more things that will eventually fit into that diagram as well, but for now, let that serve as a model for all sentences until i can find something to add to it.

...ðrímiὲm lεf anácne ðblεucþ mέlεm að, t§a nag clớgεx pul mέlεm að. lεf εc pul dúmbwe i mέlεm u, t§a εc pul xóre§à i mέlεm u. lεf t§ơc pul mεs ac §ála a mέlεm u, e §adé pul ul ac ro§ narán javlé jadío iþ rac báralà, t§a nag t§ơc pul na§ ac rεnáþ a mέlεm u, e báralà parþ að fástnar a§ mó§arà a parþ u...

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