Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Malt§egj Project

Okay, so i do have something to add after all. I have improved the runes a bit, but i’ve still been unable to come up with a suitable system for the vowels, but given the shape and æsthetic qualities of the runes, i’ve decided to use a system much like in Hebrew where the vowels will supercede the runes themselves. Diphthongs may occur and will be read from top to bottom. I will also add a character much like the Hebrew letters א and ע, although whereas in Hebrew these have a distinct sound, this rune will be silent and will act only as an indicator of a vowel. For instance, in the word “adina,” the runes would look something like this: אDN superceded by aia (which would look something like: ^ּ^). Until i figure out how to do that with my nifty little font creator, i don’t think i can explain it more clearly.

Vowel characters are the following (or as near as i can come to it without a font):

i, y˙, v
u, w|

And i’ve dreamt up some pretty squigglies and swirls in there as well.

One problem remains, however, and that it the question of how to distinguish between voiced and unvoiced runes. Originally, as stated earlier, i used a vertical line on the left side of each character, but since none of the characters look right without this line, i must figure out another way to represent this. I was considering perhaps some sort of ˝ either above or to the left of the character to indicate that i was indeed voiced.

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