Thursday, October 12, 2000

Malt§egj Project

I need days of the week and months of the year and such. In fact, i need to create a nice little useful calendar system that i can use in practical situations as well as for malt§egj.

Thus is the calendar i propose:

Twenty-four months of fifteen days each, plus the four solstices/equinoxes and one cross-quarter day each year. The cross-quarter day will change each year, moving one quarter backwards, thereby giving us a leap year every fourth year in which there will be two cross-quarter holidays. The year will start/end on the winter solstice (blewcþulsom). The twenty-four months will correspond to the solar terms, the zodiac, the cross-quarters, the solstices, and the equinoxes.

Okay, as i was trying to map this out a bit i realized that my math was faulty--such a system would give me a leap year every three years. How about this? Every year, Samhain will count as its own month, and every fourth year so will Beltane? Nah, too boring. We need something more exciting than that. Every year will have a Moon Festival! The eleventh full moon of every year (usually the Hunter Moon or Blood Moon) will be considered its own month. This will be around Samhain anyway, and will be used for its celebration.

Every fourth year this month will last for two days, and a huge festival will be expected! Bloody pagans. But every twenty-fifth Double Moon Fesival will be skipped, in reverence for Hecate, or her malt§egj equivalent, and the eleventh new moon of the year will be reserved as a day of her celebration. The Moon Festival will not be held in those years.

Hmm, that's getting a little complicated and the Moon Festival would have to take place in the middle of other months. I don't like that at all. Okay, back to the original extra cross-quarter days, and then i'll figure out where to put the leap day later.

Okay, so here is an example of a four-year maltschegj calendar cycle: 

Ya know what? This is way too virgo for malt§egj. I'll use this for dlaci instead. Malt§egj is going to get a thirteen-month calendar of twenty-eight days each, with an extra day at the point between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice (technically Samhain) which will be the start of the malt§egj year. In leap years there will be an extra day at this point; one will end the old year, the next will begin the new.

And that being said, i don't have time now to come up with one. Stay tuned...

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