Monday, December 10, 2018

Lexember 9th: ‘to conceal, secret, secrecy’

Today’s and tomorrow’s entries will deal with one method of derivation of nouns and verbs from adjectives using “i-stems”.


/ɑnˈlø̞ɡ.nin/ v.wk.1ija trns.

to conceal, to hide, to secrete.

From Middle Valthungian anlœ̄gnjen, from Old Valthungian anlœ̄gnjan, from Griutungi analǭgnjan, cf. Gothic *analaugnjan, from ProtoGermanic *ana-laugnijaną.



secrecy, concealment.

From Middle Valthungian anlœ̄gnī, from Old Valthungian anlœ̄gnī, from Griutungi analǭgnī, cf. Gothic *analaugnei, from ProtoGermanic *ana-laugnį̄.


/ɑnˈlo̞ːɡ.nɑs/ adj.i

secret, concealed, clandestine.

From Middle Valthungian anlǭgns, from Old Valthungian anlǭgns, from Griutungi analǭgns, cf. Gothic analaugns, from ProtoGermanic *ana-laugniz.


/ɑnˈlo̞ːɡ̞/ adv.

secretly, clandestinely.

From Middle Valthungian anlǭgnivi, from Old Valthungian anlǭgnivi, from Griutungi analǭgnibi, cf. Gothic analaugniba, from ProtoGermanic *ana-laugnibi.

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