Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Lexember 10th: ‘lightbulb’


/ˈljuːðɑˌtuŋɡlɑ/ lightbulb.

From ljūþ ‘light’ (doublet of ljuguþ, via Middle Valthungian from Old Valthungian ljuhþ, ljuhaþ, from Griutungi liuhaþ; cf. Gothic liuhaþ; relationship to ProtoGermanic leuhtą uncertain), and tungla ‘planet, orb, sphere’ (via Middle and Old Valthungian and Griutungi tungl, cf. Gothic tuggl, from ProtoGermanic tunglą). We might expect -hwerb here (‘sphere, orb’ in the geometrical sense) instead of -tungla (which usually refers to stellar phenomena – “the heavenly spheres,” if you will), but this refers more to their ability to emit light than to their shape.ūðatungla

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