Friday, December 8, 2000

Malt§egj Project

I have decided to make a small reform in the orthography again, and this will affect the runes (if and when i finally create some) as well as the latin transliterations. It is becoming increasingly difficult at times to relate where the accent should fall on certain words, and, although i know where it should fall in my head, i need a way to express that. Henceforth, the main vowel of the accented syllable will be marked by a circumflex, and any other prominent (particularly non-iambic) syllables will be marked with an acute accent. Oh, hell, lets make it interesting. If the secondary syllable comes before the main syllable, it will be marked as acute; if it comes after, it will be grave. Therefore, words like "nahadberi§" would become "nahádberî§." The secondary syllable becomes important when a word is non-iambic, such as in the word "nahádâpten." lovely as that all is, it's not going to be totally possible until i create the runes, since there is no way in this font to put a circumflex over an å. How about for now using an acute accent for the primarily accented syllable, and a grave accent for the secondary? We'll worry about making it pretty later. Besides, crǻga doesn't look that bad, actually.

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