Thursday, December 7, 2000

Malt§egj Project

Well, the PDFification of the first two sections is complete. Well, it's nice to know that that works, anyway. I hate the Arial Unicode MS font, but she serves me well, so i shouldn't care if she's ugly. I made a few corrections to the lexicon. There were two places where i still had the letter k in place of c, and i also did away with the aa and replaced it with å, since it makes the orthography a little more standard. The first two parts of the malt§egj project have been sent off and subjected to public inquiry, so now i wait with bated breath for public response thereunto. In the meantime, i need a new direction to go with the language; another facet of its structure that i haven't yet explored. I suppose simple is the way to go now, for although i can put together grand constructions like "acdje§tiniulo" (with those rulers, or, literally, plural-rule-person-with-those), it occurs to me i am lacking certain key elements like, for example, "hello."

Oh. Before i forget, d'après a strange conversation the other night during Xena, the word for "love" is now "ðblewcþ."

Okay, i guess we'll go traditional with greetings:

Bjole'temet good morning
Bjolet bara good afternoon
Bjolet apten good evening
Bjolet beri§ good night
Bjolet nad good day

Nothing really new there, just recycled. The only new word is:

nad day

Mlycþid melem ec? How are you?
Bjolet, cwestrioþ, e melem? Fine, thanks, and you?
Jåg blynþ Brauð. My name is Brauð
Mlåcam melem blynþ? What is your name?
Parþ blynwac jågað Aðramul. They call me Aðramul.

New words:

cwestrioþ thanks (c.f. cwestriem)
blynþ to be named
blynwac to call

I'm starting to realize that i have about all the grammar i need. My main lack at the moment is vocabulary. It's that time again to find something to translate. The vǫluspá worked well the last time around; it could work again. Only from the beginning this time, and with a slightly different approach:

Hlióðs bið ec helgar kindir,
meiri oc minni, mǫgo Heimdalar.
vildo at ec, Valfǫðr, vel fyrtelia
vorn spiǫl fira, þau er fremst um man.

New words we'll need to translate this passage: silence, child, big, small, son, battle-slain, father, old, tales, men, early, & remember. And he did reach into his magic bag and pull out words of speech, and yea he saw that they were good, for all that Syd said was sacred. So mote it be:

child rata
big borga
small pelci
son/daughter ratacaþ
battle blocþ
slay clågeh
father pað
old velc
story gu§e
man hanac
early temtið
most, -est naran-
remember glacsi

So Spake Syd. Now let's try this...

Aþ, cwestriem, bjolet acrata,
borga e pelci, ratacaþ Heimdalu
Parþ dyd gjot cleg jåg, blocþumul-clågehnacu pað, ðac melemat
velc gu§ul achanacu, calc ec narantemtið calcað jåg glacsi.

Well, that was tiresome, but i did run across another grammar point. Comparitive and superlative adjectives. I think i am going to use prefixes for these (because let's face it--i'm getting a little too suffix-happy). Naran- is the prefix for "-est" or "most;" i suppose now i have to come up with some more...

palan- least
pal- less
nar- more, -er
naran- most, -est

Well, that's a good set of words for today. More to come.

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