Monday, December 4, 2023

Lexember, Day 04: meôdjiris

Also a cognate with Valthungian mœ̄ǧin ‘to remind’. This was not exclusively reflexive before Late Italian Gothic, but it is rarely ever used in a non-reflexive state in modern Gothic Romance. 

Since I’m making these blog blurbs, which should probably be a bit longer and more interesting than the usual posts on FriendFace and TickTack and Strings, here are some other fun facts: Verbs that have this kind of umlaut in the infinitive and present tense lose it in the past and imperfect. In the third person singular, the present tense is (se) meôdjith (or meôdjis), but the imperfect is se môdivath, while the preterit is se môdith. The umlauted form is retained in the future, conditional, and present participle (se meôdjira, se meôdjirae, and se meôdjintu, respectively).

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