Friday, April 19, 2013

A few more updates. There have been a few new words added, and I’ve rearranged a bit to simplify things. 

Specifically, I’ve replaced /c/ with /k/ and then /š/ with /c/, as i threatened to do in the fall, though i haven’t yet committed to changing /ǧ/ to /q/. Really, these are all just placeholders until i find the “right” alphabet, which i’m coming closer to. I’ve actually made a good deal of progress on this, but it doesn’t quite look “right” yet, so nothing formal so far.

In other news, i added a slightly unorthodox system of deixis, on top of the already questionable system of “ul,” “úli,” and “úlót;” adding the modifiers “la,” for “last” or “yester-” (e.g. yesterday, last night, last year) “ja” for “to-“ or “this” (e.g. today, tonight, this afternoon), and “þa” for “next,” (e.g. tomorrow, next week, next month). I’ll elaborate on these a little more when i’m not busy at work.

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