Sunday, August 26, 2001

Just a brief note (in pen, no less, since at the moment i am being deprived of my computer in favour of a dungeons and dragons game of which my roommate is fond) about a few new things i’ve thought of.

First of all, the word mó§ara (ground) never made it into the lexicon due to some oversight.  This has been (or rather, when i get back to my computer, will be) corrected.

Secondly, i wanted to expound somewhat on the idea of degrees of comparison of adjectives.  There are now six degrees, and they have an interesting little sentence structure.  These are represented by inserting interesting little adverbs in front of the adjective, which follows not the noun in question, but the nominative (usually) noun to which it is being compared.  These are a slight modification of the system i developed in the second part of the malt§έgʒ project in section  They are:

Negative superlative (least) pálan
Negative comparative(less) pan
Equative( áman
Comparative (more, -er) nan
Superlative(most, -est)náran


She was the prettiest of all her sisters.
Dyd εc pul pulu àcadína náran dið.
(did be she her sisters most pretty)

The nights are worse than the mornings.
Ec ul àcberí§ ul àctεmέt nan xrơx.
(are the nights the mornings more bad)

Noöne is as good as my mom.
Ec blεð ʒớgu máðra áman bʒólεt.
(is noöne my mother as good)

I am not as pretty as she.
Ec ʒơg pul lεxέt pan dið.
(am i she much less pretty)

He is the unluckiest man I have ever seen.
Ec pul ul lað pálan crơlx calcáð cwarþ εn culóm ʒơg.
(is he the man least lucky which have ever see i)

New Words

diðpretty, beautiful
laðman, person

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