Saturday, April 6, 2019

Lexember 0nth: I quit!

Hello, Gothlings! It’s me, you know, that guy who writes here every day for two-thirds of December and then otherwise maybe twice a year. Anyway, I’m trying to make an effort to post a little more regularly and provide content that people might actually want to read. This isn’t one of those posts that has useful content or that anybody would want to read, but I just wanted let you know that they’re coming.

Mostly I wanted to post here today to say:

I quit Lexember!

Don’t get me wrong – I love Lexember, and it’s a great idea, but December is a bad month for me, and after three years of trying (two of which you can autopsy here on this blog), I realize it’s just not sustainable going into the holidays. Not to mention trying to get everything organized to have something in a nice format (e.g. on Contionary) to link to from a blog, and Facebook, and Twitter, and all that other junk. So for those of you wondering why my Lexember entries end abruptly each December with a dozen or so days to go, that’s why.

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