Tuesday, September 4, 2001

One more revision i would like to make today, concerning the subject of those nifty little esperantoèsque combination pronoun/adjective combinations i came up with. I wanted them to work something like dlatci, where a combination of them would generate new words, but in a language like malt§εgj they complicate things a bit too much. Hence, i’m splitting the words in two and they should still work just as nicely as they do in any other language.

ml+ðr+bl+mlauul, úli, úla...blεg
mlágaðrágablágamlau aránul aránblεg arán
mlaixðraixblaixmlau máraul márablεg mára
mlεððrεðblεðmlau hanácul hanácblεg hanác
mlúmweðrúmweblúmwemlau ðlaiul ðlaiblεg ðlai
mlýcþidðrýcþidblýcþidmlau cþiðul cþiðblεg cþið

So we got a couple new words out of all that.

mlau what, which
blεg no, none (already means “no” also)
ðlai time
cþið manner, way

I decided to keep mlímiὲm, ulímiὲm, and blímiὲm just because they’re kinda cool. I replaced the ðr- prefix with the appropriate demonstrative adjectives, of which there are now four to choose from: ul, úli, úla, and úlot.

On second thought, these can still be written as one word, they’re just not going to have the strange mutation thing going on. Hence: mlàwarán, mlaumára, mlàuhanác or mlauláð, mlauðlái mlaucþíð, &c. Notice the lovely way in which i have sculpted the contraction of mlau arán into mlàwarán, the u being replaced by a volutuous w! Pure poetry!

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